Friday, 30 March 2012

I'm not sure & i'm not standing

I'm going to level with you. . I think the whole blog thing is a form of mind vomit. But I'm bored, & why not, I believe people should be allowed to splurge their mind vomit all over the place (sparingly). But hopefully my 'mind vomit' will not be full of crappy bile, and, fingers crossed may have an interesting carrot, or an undigested sweet corn of knowledge, amongst all my ramblings there has to be something useful.

It does beg the question at the rate technology is becoming integrated with our daily lives - smart phones, ipads, fancy ass computers etc, are we all one day going to end up a bunch of reclusive slightly egotistical lazy daisies? I don't have followers being that this is my first official post, but I'm not kidding myself either. (I won't suddenly proclaim myself Jesus just because i have followers). And hopefully i won't be glued to my PC, wondering if anyone is interested in what I've written.

But having spent the last two paragraphs moaning about the negatives of blogging - I'm now coming to a point (horay). I would like to use this blog to talk about things that i wouldn't necessarily talk about in the real world. Things that most likely, may not be interesting to anyone but me. But incase anyone does read this, I will at least try to keep it mildly amusing!

But for now - that's a wrap, i will be back shortly with my first real post!   

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